Tiger Pantry 2022-2023

What is the Tiger Pantry? 
The Tiger Pantry is a mini food pantry located at RVES. The Tiger Pantry helps RVES students who need supplemental nutritional intake when they aren’t in school (evenings, weekends, and school breaks). It is stocked solely by the donations from RVES students and families like yours, managed by volunteers, and used by any RVES students and their families (no questions asked) who need to supplement their pantry at home. 

What Items are Needed / Where do we Bring Them? 
The Tiger Pantry is always in need of any non-perishable food items (snack items as well as meal staples). Hygiene items, and other necessities, are greatly appreciated as well. These items can be sent to school with your child or, if you prefer, you can bring in the donations yourself. There will be collection bins near your child’s classroom and in the front office or vestibule. 

For More Information 
In addition to being extremely vital to keeping the Tiger Pantry stocked, giving to the Tiger Pantry is also a great opportunity to teach our children about kindness and community. 

If you have any questions about the Tiger Pantry, email: