Riverview Elementary
Parent Teacher Partnership

This is a partnership between parents and staff who are dedicated to providing educational and social opportunities for our students. You, the RVE families, are the foundation for what the PTP is able to accomplish. 


  •  Wednesday, January 12 - Flexible Learning Day (Grades 6-12 ONLY)
  • Thursday, January 13 - Flexible Learning Day (Grades K-12)
  • Friday, January 14 - Flexible Learning Day (Grades K-12)
  • Monday, January 17 - No school, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
  • Tuesday, January 18 - No school, staff development day
  • Wednesday, January 19 - Return to School 


School Drop Off / Pick Up

The student hours are 7:40 A.M. – 2:10 P.M. 
Students should arrive each morning between 7:25 A.M. - 7:35 A.M. so they can make it into their classrooms before the second bell rings at 7:40. 
Please do not drop students prior to 7:25 A.M. or pick them up any later than 2:15 P.M. unless you’ve registered for Kid Connection. 

Our school staff members have several meetings before and after school, so there’s no supervision outside of these times. Your child’s safety is our highest priority

Breakfast & Lunch Program

We are not offering snack cart this year. 
Breakfast and lunch are free so we are encouraging students to take a grab and go bag for breakfast and using the items left for snack. 

You are always welcome to send a snack with your child. Please check in with your child’s teacher in case there are allergies in the classroom.

Schedule Change: January 10, 2022

We have seen staffing shortages this winter in every part of our school operations, and in the last week it has been especially challenging to properly staff our school buildings. Additionally, since winter break we have seen a significant increase in learner absences. Due to these significant staff and student absences, Wednesday, January 12, 2022 will be a flexible learning day for grades 6-12; Thursday, January 13, 2022 and Friday, January 14, 2022 will be district-wide flexible learning days. 
We are not able to operate our schools when over 20% of our building staff are absent and our substitute fill rate is less than 50%. We believe these additional flexible learning days along with the existing non-student days on January 17 and January 18 will allow learners and staff who are out due to illness to isolate and recover. 

Check your email for full details. 

Parent Updates

Fun Run: We met our goal! Students voted on option #1 for the playground equipment. A photo is attached. Thank you for supporting our children. I attached the photo of what it will look like. Playground 2022.msg 
Covid Protocol: Beginning January 3rd masks are optional. The protocol for Covid is the same. You will receive a letter if there is a positive case in your child’s classroom. Again, if your child has any symptoms please keep them home. To report an absence please call 651-460-1605 and give the reasons why your child is absent. Covid Update from Superintentdent Berg.pdf 
Survey Information: Please read attachment.survey information.docx Weather: Please make sure your child is dressed for cold weather. We go outside every day unless it is below zero or lightning. If you need anything please let us know. 
Emergency Closings: As we head into winter, we want to take the opportunity to remind families that emergency closings can happen on short notice for multiple reasons. Each family should have a distance learning plan in place to support your learners at home. Technology: As you know technology is an important learning tool we use in the Farmington school district. We continue to help our kids understand digital citizenship and the responsibilities with the iPads. The learning we see helps their creativity and challenges our students to learn in many ways. It has been an opportunity for them to present their learning and share their knowledge. With this also comes some challenges for you as parents and us as educators. Our students are very knowledgeable and curious and at times may want to try new things like Tik Tok, Messenger, YouTube and other apps. We are asking with their school issued iPad that you will continue to support the learning with apps that are provided in Self Service. Students do not need an Apple ID on their iPads for what they use at school. If there is an Apple ID please know that they have access to apps that might not be allowed at school. We also want to remind parents that when devices are at home they are supported by your Wi-Fi which means there are no fire walls protecting what they see. We understand that this can be challenging for you as a parent. We will continue to work with students to talk about internet safety and we ask you as parents to please monitor use at home. There are times that iPads may not be sent home if it is not needed for completion of work. Here is an article with some great information. HERE 
There is a lot of good information on this page regarding setting up parent controls, etc., along with some information on Apple IDs. HERE Amazon Smile: Riverview Parent Teacher Partnership (PTP) has set up Amazon Smile for Riverview. Go to and search Riverview PTP and it’ll pop up. Then choose it and you are ready to go. The directions are available when you sign up. 
Absent: If your child is absent please call 651-460-1605. Please leave a message with details as to why your child is absent. We need to know if they have a fever, are vomiting or have diarrhea. 
Health Information: Again, just like in the past, please keep students home if they have a fever, vomiting, or diarrhea. We are trying to keep all students and staff safe at school. Please send your COVID -19 Test results to

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